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Will you answer the call and be a "Wildlife Animal Champion"?

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Monthly donors – or the special group of people we call “Wildlife Animal Champions” – are so incredibly important to the work we do at the Wildlife In Need Center.

Monthly donations support our mission caring for 1,800 injured, orphaned or sick wildlife and providing 150 wildlife education programs annually.

Below are some examples of what your monthly donation could support:

  • $5/month feeds an amphibian patient for one month
  • $10/month vaccinates 1 raccoon against distemper and parvo
  • $10/month provides one hammock for infant mammals to sleep in
  • $15/month provides 1 round of antibiotics for an adult opossum
  • $15/month provides infant formula for 2 litters of squirrels
  • $20/month feeds a turtle patient for one month
  • $20/month feeds a fledgling Bluebird wax worms for one month
  • $25/month supplies 1 radiograph (x-ray) every month
  • $40/month feeds Chloe, our educational Eastern Screech Owl, for one month
  • $45/month treats 12 orphaned songbirds
  • $50/month provides a critical care diet to nourish our wild patients
  • $50/month provides 10,000 mealworms to feed songbirds.

On behalf of the wildlife, Thank You!